New claim scrubbing feature!

Our scrubber now supports a great new feature. The tool, called "Mutes," lets you mute messages generated by the scrubber. 
You can turn a mute off or on at any time. You assign names to your mutes, so you can easily tell which mute is which. Your mutes will appear on your "Preferences" tab. (We'll give you one if you don't already have it.) 
Why would you mute a scrubber message? 
  • If you submit claims to a payor that routinely accepts (or worse yet, requires) a combination procedure and diagnosis that fails the standard medical necessity rules for your locality.
  • If you submit claims and don't need the advice to re-order the claim for higher reimbursement. Some payers automatically do that for you.
  • If you enter claims with non-standard codes that are accepted by your payer.
  • If you notice that a combination of ICD-10 codes that are technically not allowed have been getting paid anyway. This may be the case as ICD-10 is "broken in" and some combinations that should be valid are currently marked otherwise.
We believe the scrubber should stay out of your way unless it detects a real problem. With "mutes" you can be sure that the only messages the scrubber generates are ones you really need to see.

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